Arte 2019

Brian McGuffey

Images from my life experiences and childhood are loosely represented in my paintings. Storytelling, children’s books and my Grandmother are all inspirations for conceptualizing imagery and themes.  My work can be seen as either light-hearted, thought-provoking, or both simultaneously.

Building of texture and use of color are primary steps in my creative process. Inspiration for my current body of work comes from such disparate sources as Henry Darger, Crayola® crayons and Hermann Rorschach.

Mark Gabriel

At the threshold of the desert and the sea, Mark Gabriel has tapped into the primal energy of Baja California bringing an essential raw power to his art – painting works on unique pieces of scavenged driftwood: mythical creature mash-ups of revolutionaries and birds, ranchero cowboys, musicians and stray dogs, as well as the flying whales of which he has become known. 

Jimena García

Jimena García ha sido una artista desde muy pequeña, pero empezó a pintar a los 18 años cuando se fue a viajar con su hermana a Europa. Durante esa experiencia sintió la necesidad de pintar todo lo que estaba viendo y viviendo, y no ha parado desde entonces.

“Es el método en el que puedo expresar todo lo que experimento y vivo. La única manera en la que aprendo de mi misma es a través de mi arte”.


Sludgepony enjoys creating something seemingly complex through repetition and aims to capture the sensation of being simultaneously repulsed by and attracted to an image or scene. 

Sludgepony is inspired by abstract expressionism, automatism,cartoons, and the contrast between quiet country life and the griminess and constant stimulation of city life. 

Sebastián Díaz Duarte

Su inquietud lo puede saltar desde un canvas, hasta las nubes. Para ahí quedarse a construir su próximo poema con los colores de su paleta, la cual la guarda  en el alma. Pintor de personajes inventados y paisajes áridos.

Carlos Díaz Castro